CharlesCharles E. (Charlie) Schroeder, PhD investigates attentional selection and temporal prediction across human and nonhuman primates using identical experimental tasks and directly comparable neural measures, with the goal of understanding the mechanistic role neuronal oscillations in sensory/cognitive operations. Current studies more directly investigate the causal influences of oscillations using various levels of brain stimulation – non-invasive scalp-based stimulation, deep-brain electrical stimulation, and genetically-guided and cell type- selective methods of neuronal manipulation.



SaskiaSaskia Haegens, PhD is a visiting Scientist from the Donders Center in Nijmegan, Netherlands. She is a specialist in neurophysiological signal analysis and internationally-recognized for her study of neuronal dynamics, with a number of critical contributions to the understanding of the mechanistic functions and underlying neurophysiology of the alpha rhythm. Saskia is currently funded by an NIH R21 grant from the NIMH and a “Veni” award from the Dutch Government’s NWO.




LuciaLucia Melloni, PhD is a visiting scientist from the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt am Main. She is an internationally recognized expert in electrocorticographic recording and signal analysis, and has pioneered the use of laminar multielectrode array recordings in surgical epilepsy patients. Lucia is currently supported by an R21 grant from the NEI, and by a “Marie Currie” Fellowship award from the European Union.





ArnaudArnaud Y.Falchier, PhD is Research Scientist studying the anatomy and physiology of auditory system functioning in awake behaving monkeys. Arnaud has made seminal contributions to the developing understanding of multisensory integration as it occurrs in very early stages of cortical sensorty processing. His most recent work is exploring causal aspects of brain dynamics using Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs (DREADD) methods in monkeys. His work is supprted by several NIH grants.




YoshinaoYoshinao (Yoshi) Kajikawa, PhD is a Research Scientist studying the neuroanatomy and physiology of prosodic cues in audiovisual communication using the macaque monkey as a model for the human. Yoshi has pioneered the study of the lateral parabelt region of auditory cortex in the macaque monkey, and recently published the first ever survey of the physiology of neuron ensembles in this region during auditory task performance. He is supported by several NIH grants including one on which he is principal investigator.




JordiJordi Costa Faidella, PhD
is a post-doctoral fellow from University of Barcelona studying the neurophysiology of auditory mismatch responses (MMN), stimulus specific adaptation (SSA) and auditory discrimination in monkeys and humans. His work is supported by the NIH, and by a Marie Currie Fellowship from the European Union.



JoseJose Luis Herrero, PhD
is a post-doctoral fellow from Newcastle University in the UK studying the neurophysiology of auditory and visual attention in monkeys and humans. His work is supported by the NIH and by a Human Frontiers Science Program (HFSP) fellowship award. Jose also serves as the main interface between the Columbia ECoG group and the collaborating ECoG group lead by Dr. Ashesh D. Mehta at Northshore-Hofstra Long Island Jewish Hospital in Queens, NY.



Deborah Ross, PhD

Tammy McGinnis

Gary Linn, PhD